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Please find below a list of frequently asked questions and their appropriate answers.

Do all of your rooms contain private facilities i.e. a private bathroom inside the room?
Yes all of the hotel’s 23 rooms contain a private bathroom. The bathroom contains both a shower box plus hair dryer, soft towels and complimentary toiletries including soap, shampoo and shower cap all provided free of charge.

Does the Hotel have a Curfew?
No there is no curfew, guests are given a plastic keycard which opens both the main door and the room - consequently guests may come and go as they please..

Do all the rooms have a window with a view?
Yes, all of the hotel’s rooms contain either a front view of the street or a view of the hotel’s internal courtyard.

Do all the rooms have a Balcony or Terrace?
Only the Junior Suite and the Triple Deluxe have a Terrace and there are only a very few rooms with a small balcony which are situated to the rear of the hotel.

How do you get to the Hotel Teatro Pace from the main railway station Termini?
From the square outside the Termini station, you can take the No.64 bus (a well-known line that takes you to the Vatican) or the No.40 Express bus, and in about 15 minutes you will arrive at Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, where you can get off at three different stops. The first is situated a few meters after Piazza St Andrea della Valle; the second opposite the Palazzo della Cancelleria; and the third in Piazza della Chiesa Nuova (the No.40 Express bus stops only here). Every one of these stops is a 5 minute walk from the hotel. If you have taken the No.64 bus and got off at the first stop mentioned above, walk along the same side of the street and soon you will reach Piazza St Pantaleo (where the building which houses the “Museo di Roma” is situated). From here, continue along Via di St Pantaleo, which after a few meters will take you directly to Piazza Pasquino. Crossing this square in direction of Via del Governo Vecchio, on the left you will find Via del Teatro Pace, where the hotel is situated.

How do I get to the city centre of Rome from Fiumicino Airport also known as Leonardo da Vinci International Airport?
Almost all passengers arriving from abroad will arrive at Fiumicino Airport. Most clients come to the city centre of Rome by train so when you arrive at Fiumicino head for the “FS” sign which also features the picture of a train (FS in Italian means Ferrovie dello Stato or State Railways). You can take the train “Leonardo Express” which goes to the Stazione Termini. Trains leave every half hour, starting at 06.36 until 23.36, and the journey time is about 35 minutes. In the airport, tickets can be bought in the hall of the railway station, at the ticket office in the station, at the newspaper kiosk or the self-service ticket machines. The cost of the ticket is 11.00 euro* per person (*12 euro if you buy them at the Trenitalia desk near the train – platform 25 at the Rome Stazione Termini).

How do I get to the city centre of Rome from Ciampino International Airport?
The principle low-cost air companies: Ryanair, Easyjet, Flyglobespan, Wizzair, My Air, Blue Air and Central Wings, all fly to Ciampino Airport, which is Rome’s second airport. Ciampino Airport is nearer to Rome than Fiumicino Airport but it is a little more difficult to reach. Terravision operate a coach service between the airport and the centre of Rome, providing a bus service to and from the Stazione Termini (the journey takes about 40 minutes) for 8 euro. Alternately you can use the regional bus service (Cotral), which stops outside the main entrance to the airport. This bus goes to the underground stop “Anagnina”, one of the stations on the A Line of the underground (metro). The cost of the ticket is 1.20 euro and the journey is about 20 minutes. The first bus leaves at 06.00 and the last one at 22.40. Tickets can be bought at the tobacconist’s inside the airport. Attention: It is not possible to buy tickets on the bus.

Is breakfast included in the Room Rate?
Yes, a continental buffet breakfast is included in the room rate. This is served to you in the restaurant next door.

How do we to your hotel if driving and do you have parking?
We don’t recommend you drive to our hotel. We are located in the historical centre of Rome and while car access is possible the streets are very narrow and parking is a nightmare. We do not have our own car park but we can arrange parking in a nearby garage if you advise us before you arrive. To get here take Rome’s ring road the GRA or Grande Raccordo Anulare and follow the signs for Centro – see our location map for more information.

Does the Hotel have a Swimming Pool?
No, the hotel itself does not have its’ own swimming pool but we can help you find one in the suburbs of Rome.

Does the hotel have a restaurant?
No, the Hotel Teatro Pace does not have a restaurant but, there are some great pizzerias including Ciccia Bomba’s which is a famous "trattoria" only 30 metres away, Mimì & Cocò serve excellent salads and there are a host of trattorias and Restaurants.

What does Teatro Pace mean and why the 33?
Teatro Pace literally translated means Theatre of Peace however, the Hotel is named Teatro Pace after the street in which it can be found. The number 33 is simply the number on the door.

Was the hotel Teatro Pace a former Theatre?
No, but the building directly in front was. In the 17th century it featured productions by famous playwrights including Carlo Goldoni.

What are the hours of room service and is breakfast in your room possible?
Room service is from 07:30 until 10:30 and your breakfast served in your room is not only possible but also compulsory as the hotel does not have a breakfast room.

When are you open?
The Hotel Teatro Pace is open all day every day all year around. NB in the Spring and Autumn months we are often full up so please book your room well in advance if you plan to come to Rome in this period.

What is included in the Room Rate?
Our Internet rates quoted via our online booking system include everything i.e. total cost of the room comprehensive of tax, continental breakfast and service.

Does the hotel have a lift?
No, the Hotel Teatro Pace does not have a lift as to have built one we would have to have removed the spiral stone staircase. Nevermind, the hotel only has 23 rooms located on 4 different floors so its’ not too far to climb. Besides didn’t someone say exercise is good for you?

Is your hotel near the Parthenon?
No, most definitely not. The Parthenon is in Athens (Greece) you are probably thinking of the Pantheon which is about a 10 minute walk from the Hotel Teatro Pace.

Why did they build the Colosseum so close to the Metro Stop??
We don’t know, its’ a bit silly but who cares as it’s really handy.

How far are you from the Sixteen Chapel and where are the other 15?
There is no such thing as the Sixteen Chapel in Rome instead it is called the Sistine Chapel and there is only 1. it is located inside the Vatican City which can be reached in about 20 minutes walk from Teatro Pace.

Where can I see that “ET” thing with the two fingers almost touching each other?
Oh, you must mean Michelangelo’s Ceiling which is found in the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo took seven years to create the creation of man so please go and see it...

I’m lost, why doesn’t Rome have the grid system like modern cities in the US?
Two and a half thousand years of history have left Rome with a myriad of different street types, expect to get lost and enjoy it!

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