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Dear Guest,

When one is on holiday, there are so many things to do from guided tours to shopping, from hiring transport to looking for a well-being centre to relax in after a day full of activity. And not least, the need to find a restaurant which will satisfy your desire to peacefully end your day as a tourist, and at the same time satisfy your palate. And as we know so well, it is not easy to organise everything on one’s own, picking your way through all the services offered, especially in a city as disorganised and chaotic as Rome. So for this reason, the Hotel Teatro Pace is happy to place its efficient concierge service at your disposal, and we are certain you will find what you require through them.

For any special request that you would like to have organised before your arrival, please do not hesitate to contact us telephonically or via email at:

Via del Teatro Pace 33  -  00186 Roma  -  Tel. +39 06 6879075  -  Fax +39 06 68192364  -